MiamiCarLeasing FAQ

While we like to think of our website as being pretty thorough and set up so you can find the information about auto leasing you need, sometimes we still get asked questions. In order to better serve you, we’ve gathered together the questions most often asked of us and answer them here, on this page. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just give us a call at 786-646-6364. Maybe if enough people ask the question that’s on your mind, your question will end up on this page!

Where is Your Lot?

The short answer: We don’t have a physical lot.
The long and more interesting answer: We display our inventory of cars and trucks online, in the virtual world. Our doing this not only saves you a visit (and having to find a ride to get to us), it allows us to save a lot of money on overhead. Savings for us means savings for you!

What about Financing?

Not a problem! We can help you get financing, walking you through the very simple process from the beginning to the end. Our low interest rates and great terms are unsurpassed, whether you’re wanting to lease a car for a few days or end up owning it.

How Much Will Leasing a Car Hurt Me Financially?

The procedure will be painless, nothing more than a pinprick at most. Seriously, our not having a physical lot as traditional car leasing agencies do saves us a lot in terms of overhead. And what we save, you save.
Another great bonus is that we work directly with car manufacturers, which not only affords us an extensive inventory filled with most any make or model of car you want, but saves us from having to pay any middlemen. Once again, what we save, you save, as well! We’re so confident about our ability to save you money that we’d love for you to look around on the internet and contrast our prices with those of other dealerships. We think you’ll be very happily surprised!

What Types of Vehicles Are Available to Me to Lease?

From Acura to Zephyr – we could almost make a children’s alphabet book based on the wide variety of cars we have to offer you. Whether you’re looking for a “workhorse” sort of car, a car that goes well with a business suit, or are wanting to rent a car that makes people go, “Holy mackerel, what a sweet set of wheels!”, we have what you’re looking for. If you doubt us – or have any questions – just give us a call.

What Happens After I Lease a Car From You?

Right after our great savings and friendly, helpful customer service, one of the best things about leasing with MiamiCarLeasing is this: once you’ve decided on the car you want and have filled out your paperwork online, we bring that car of your choice to you. Whether you want it brought to you at your home, office, hotel, or favorite Miami Italian restaurant, your car will “magically” appear, without your having to find a ride to go pick it up.

I’m Ready to Lease!

OK then! Just give us a call at 786-646-6364 and we’ll be more than happy to start going about making you a happy client – or to just answer any questions you might have. We look forward to meeting you to and helping you find the best auto lease deals in the area!

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