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Cadillac Leasing Specials

There’s a reason why Cadillac’s have been sung about by everyone from Bo Diddley to Elvis to The Clash to Dr. Dre to Johnny Cougar; the “Caddy” is a classic American car, one that’s a joy to drive. If you want to lease a Cadillac – pink or otherwise – you’d be doing yourself a favor by leasing with MiamiCarLeasing. Why? Two words: prices and convenience.

Low Prices and Great Convenience

With MiamiCarLeasing, you can be driving a Caddy tomorrow at surprisingly low prices. This is possible simply because our overhead is lower than those of traditional car leasing companies. We don’t have a physical lot you have to drive to in order to see your options; our large inventory of beautiful cars is online, so you can shop, day or night, from your favorite chair in your own home. You can look through our cars at leisure, on your own time, with no pressure on you from salesmen following you about, and whose very presence pushes you into making a decision you might regret later.
We work directly with just about every car manufacturer out there, so we also save you money by not having any middlemen to pay. And because we work directly with car manufacturers, we have an inventory of cars for lease that will undoubtedly surprise you. If you’re not sure it’s a Caddy you’re after, take a look, online, at the Audis, BMWs, Fords, Chevrolets, Maseratis, Porsches, and a huge fleet of other cars – just about any kind of car imaginable – that you can lease instead, without having to drive all over Miami to find the model you want. Traditional auto leasing services simply can’t offer you the great variety of cars that we can because of the constrictions involved in having a physical lot.

We Make it So Easy

We can help you get the financing you need after you’ve found the car of your choice. Even if your credit isn’t up to snuff, even if you think, “my credit is so bad, there’s no way I could get financing,” we can work out loans at prices you can afford. The terms of our leases and the low, monthly payments we offer simply can’t be beat by our competitors.
Once the financing and paperwork is dealt with – both of which we mostly handle ourselves – we drive the car you’ve selected right to you, whether you want it taken to your home, your office, or any place else that’s convenient. And when your lease is up, we will come and pick the car up. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Give Us a Call!

We carry all the different models from this iconic car company including the ATS Coupe, ATS-V Coupe, ATS-V Sedan, ATS Sedan, CT6 Sedan, CTS Coupe, CTS-V Coupe, CTS-V Wagon, CTS-V Sedan, CTS Wagon, CTS Sedan, ELR Coupe, Escalade ESV SUV, Escalade SUV, SRX SUV, and the XTS Sedan. If you have any questions about any of them, we are here for you.
If you are ready to lease a Cadillac from us, just give us a call at 786-646-6364. Or if you’re not sure what sort of car you want to lease and would like some help making a decision, call and talk to one of our experts so we can help you find the right car for your needs.

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