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Porsche Leasing

Ferdinand Porsche started making his cars because, he said, “In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.” And he did. And the cars he designed became world classics, beautiful cars that signify luxury, beauty, and tradition, while possessing great engineering and performance — a very hard to resist combination of great things. If you’ve got your heart set on leasing a Porsche here in Miami, we can help you get one and prices that might surprise you.

We Can Save You Money That Other Auto Leasing Agencies Can’t

Yes, it’s true: we can get you the car of your dreams at prices that other car leasing companies simply cannot. The reasons are simple. First, we don’t have a traditional, physical car lot. We work directly with pretty much every car manufacturer out there, and they take care of the cars until they’re needed. Instead of driving someplace to look for the car you want, you do your car-shopping online, any time of day or night, 24/7, at your own convenience, with no salesman following you about, nudging you to hurry or make quick decisions.
“OK, sounds convenient, but how does that save me money?” you might be thinking. Well, because we don’t have a physical car lot and have a “virtual car lot” instead, we don’t have the overhead that typical car leasing agencies do. And because we work directly with car manufacturers ourselves, there are no middlemen to pay.
We also help you to save money by working with banks to get you a great financing package. We promise you low interest rates, monthly payments that are as low as possible, and great terms. Even if your credit rating leaves something to be desired, it may well still be possible to drive that Porsche of your dreams.

Convenience and Variety

We’ve already told you about how you’ll be able to do your shopping online, from the comfort of your favorite chair in your own home. But we offer convenience in many other ways as well. We’ll handle most of the paperwork, baby-step you through financing, and even drive the car you’ve chosen right to your home or office, or anywhere else you designate. And we’ll come pick it up when your lease expires, saving you the hassle of finding rides to or from a car lot.
We’ve already told you, too, about how our not having a physical car lot and our working directly with car manufacturers save you money, but they allow for something else, too: unparalleled variety. Our virtual car lot is practically limitless in terms of the number and variety of cars we can offer you. If it’s not a Porsche you want, but a Lexus, Jaguar, Ford, or Mitsubishi instead, we’ve got what you want.
We carry a full listing of the Porsche vehicles including the following: 911 Convertible, 911 Coupe, 918 Spyder Convertible, Boxster Convertible, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne Hybrid, Cayenne SUV, Cayman Coupe, Macan SUV, Panamera Hybrid and Panamera Sedan.

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Please, if you have any questions, just give us a call and let us know how we can help you! Of if you’re simply ready to lease a Porsche – or any other sort of vehicle, from Audis to Volvos — just dial 786-646-6364 and let’s talk! We look forward to talking with you!

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