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Mini Leases from MiamiCarLeasing

MINIs are great little cars, and are especially popular in Europe. If you’re of a “continental” state of mind and it’s a MINI you want around Miami in, MiamiCarLeasing is the place to lease one without breaking your budget. Whether you want to lease a 2-door or a 4-door, a convertible, coupe, roadster, or Paceman, we’ve got the MINI you need.
“But where do the savings come in?” you might be wondering. It’s all very simple: we can save you money on car leasing because we simply don’t have the overhead traditional auto leasing agencies have. Old-school car leasing companies have physical car lots which are, by necessity, limiting in terms of the variety of cars the company can offer. They also cost a company a lot of money to maintain, and in taxes, etc. We at MiamiCarLeasing, however, have our inventory of beautiful cars all online. The money we save means we can save you money as well.
We also save you money by working directly with the folks who manufacture cars. Acura’s, Audis, Buicks, Chevrolets, on down the line and through the alphabet ‘til we get to Volvos, we work directly with just about any car manufacturer you can name. This cuts out any middlemen, which again saves us – and you – money.

Convenience and Customer Service You Won’t Believe

Our not having a physical car lot not only saves you money and allows us to offer you unprecedented variety in terms of the types of cars we can lease to you, but it all means convenience for you as well. If you have a specific car model in mind, you don’t have to drive all over Miami trying to find it. You can sit in your own home, with a beverage of your choice in one hand, and your computer mouse in the other, and take your time – day or night – looking through our huge selection of vehicles. Or if you’re not sure what make and model of car would best fit your needs, you can browse, as long as you want to, with no salesman following you around with an impatient expression on his face, trying to rush you into making a decision.
If you have questions, though, we’re always just a phone call away, ready with the answers. In other words, we try to “stay out of your hair,” but to always be there when you need us.
Once you’ve found a car you love, we will baby-step you through the financing process, helping you to get unbeatable, low rates, great terms, and monthly payments that you can handle. And, yes, we can likely help you get those things even if your credit isn’t as good as it could be.
Then, once the paperwork is dealt with – something we mostly handle ourselves so you don’t have to – and you’re ready to drive that great new car, you don’t even have to come pick it up. We bring it to you – to your home, your office, wherever. And when your lease expires, we will come and pick it up. We make auto leasing a car pain-free, convenient, and financially “doable.”

Give Us a Call!

Do you have any questions for us? Or are have you already looked through our inventory of beautiful vehicles and want to get started leasing a car today? Just give our car leasing company a call at 786-646-6364. We look forward to helping you with whatever you need!

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